Juan Rodríguez-Hernñandez – Scientific researcher
Since 2008 he has been a researcher at the ICTP. He has extensive experience in manufacturing, using among others controlled polymerization techniques. This "know-how" in polymer synthesis has been used to prepare materials with a controlled order at the nanometer / micrometer scale, both in solid materials and on surfaces. It has focused on the elaboration of functional and structured surfaces following different strategies based on conventional methodologies (UV photolithography) with other methodologies that are based on intrinsic surface instabilities to obtain different surface patterns (formation of wrinkled interfaces or the preparation of porous surfaces). Since 2013, he has worked on the incorporation of additive manufacturing (AM) to the research lines. He is currently involved in various projects related to the development of novel materials for AF as well as the design of biomedical and microfluidic devices.
He is co-author of two books: Polymers against Microorganisms: On the Race to Efficient Antimicrobial Materials and Breath Figures Mechanisms of Multi-scale Patterning and Strategies for Fabrication and Applications of Microstructured Functional Porous Surfaces-

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