Videos and links

Video of the report in spanish public TV, TVE-2010. The work on covalent binding of plasticizers to PVC had a broad impact in technical and general media. (more information-spanish)

Software Copol: Un programa para el estudio y descripción de reacciones de copolimerización en cadena gobernadas por el modelo terminal. (more information-spanish)

Videos of chain and step polymerizations. (more information-spanish)

Vídeo of the 1H-NMR monitoring of a standard radical copolymerization reaction. Array-type experiment carried out by the ‘servicio de RMN del CENQUIOR-CSIC’, Madrid. (more information-spanish)

Canal de divulgación. Guillermo Corrales, from IQOG (Instituto de Química Orgánica General)- CSIC, show us some of the work carried out on that center and some spects of organic chemistry on these vídeos, including a video on conventional free radical polymerization.


MAEPC-Máster Universitario UIMP-CSIC de Alta Especialización en Plásticos y Caucho. (more information)

Macrogalleria. Didactic page focused on polymers. Initially created by the University of Southern Mississippi.  

Other interesting related place is the Polymer Science Learning Center.