Profs. Aurelio Garcia, Jose Vicente Sanz, and Dra. Viviana Ramos. Tissue Engineering Group, Instituto Pluridisciplinar, UCM, Madrid. Subject: Biological evaluation of new polymeric materials. This group was established as an Associated Unit of the CSIC in 2015.

Prof. Jose Luis Jorcano, Dr. Diego Velasco, Prof. Pablo Acedo, Group of Disruptive Technologies in Biomedicine (GTDB) dfrom the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), an expert group in sophisticated 3D skin substitutes or dermo-epidermal equivalents (EDE) based on fibrin. (see Biopieltec-CM project)

Dres. Manuel Nieto and Rodrigo Martínez, Molecular Neuroprotection Group of the Research Unit of the National Hospital for Paraplegics. Expert group in new therapeutic tools to attenuate neurotraumatic damage in bone marrow injuries. (see cAMINAr project)

Prof. Abhay Pandit. Network of Excellence for Functional Biomaterials National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Sciences National University of Ireland, Galway, NUIG, Ireland. Subject: Gene therapy.

Dr. Yuri Rochev. NCBES National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Sciences National University of Ireland Galway, NUIG, Ireland. Subject: Cell manipulation (see POLYTHERMOCELL project)

Profs. Alfonso Fernández Mayoralas and Belén Cid. IQOG CSIC Instituto de Química Orgánica General. CSIC, and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Subject: Proline supported catalysts.

Profs. Alejandro Cifuentes and Elena Ibáñez, FOODOMICS group. CIAL-CSIC. Subject: Valorization of food residues.

Dra. Endzhe Matykina, Material Characterization, Corrosion and Degradation Group (UCM). Subject: Surface modification.

Dra. Isabel Sánchez, Hospital Universitario de Getafe. Subject: cell culture.

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