Fupol, whose interests are reflected in the following three topics, is in addition a team characterized by the transversality of its activities, being able to offer comprehensive solutions that, for example combine additive manufacturing with pore preparation and chemical functionalization, by the search for final solutions through complementary collaborations, and by their efforts to transfer research efforts through collaborations or even creations of companies.

Tailored structuration and chemistry to cell manipulation

Fupol offers its expertise in synthesis, polymer chemistry and surface structuring to prepare tailored systems to modulate cell response, in areas such as cell monolayer engineering, gene therapy, or antibacterial surfaces. The team is able to intervene at different levels of preparations, such as in the design and choice of the monomeric 

precursor (e.g. to prepare intelligent materials sensitive to the environment), in the polymerization process (e.g. to prepare ordered systems), in post-functionalization (for example, to activate culture plates) or in the processing and surface structure (for example to obtain porous antibacterial surfaces).

Nontoxic polymers and polymer processing

Fupol is integrated into the SUSPLAST sustainable plastics platform, and it has extensive experience in the use

of SCCO2 for green polymer processing as well as in the preparation of non-toxic flexible PVC.

Frontiers in additive manufacturing

The group has SLA and FDM printers, the later for filament and grain, as well as the ability to make filament, and is involved in advanced projects to print elastomeric materials with suitable properties in aeronautical 

applications, or in the formulation of advanced inks for SLA. It belongs to the Fab-3d additive manufacturing platform, and participates in one proyect and leads two, HISOPOC and 3D CoVid-19, aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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