Research lines


The group uses his experience in synthesis and polymer chemistry to face those biomedical and technological issues that require the chemical functionalization of polymeric materials. This scientific work is mostly carried out in close collaborations with complementary groups or entities.


Basic concepts [more]

Safer PVC. New plasticizers covalently linked: plasticization with suppressed migration [more-spanish] [report in TVE]

Multifunctional polymers obtained by a bottom-up apporoach. Example of polyvinylpyrrolidone, PVP [more]

Stimuli-sensitive polymers. New polymeric vectors for gene therapy [more]

SCCO2 -Supercritical CO2 [more]

Special membranes. Bicomponent networks with structural order prepared by facile methodologies. Supports for cell manipulation. [more]

Modification of PS surfaces for biomedical applications [more-spanish]